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Patron Saint of Soccer Shotas and 12 yo Hunters
You serve me raw hunters and soccer players without even tasting them? Wait hold on, stop giving me excuses yes? Go BACK TO YOUR STATION and fuck off will you?
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#cause i dont wanna go yet #please #oh god #can i glue my ass on the chair so i wont be able to leave my house #i will die in here #and there's no place else #katrie's posts #i want an extension #probably one more week

those in favor of having a summer break extension please raise your hand


No, that's wrong!




Chiaki Nanami test thingy! I edited my eyes brighter so it’d look accurate.

Read my review for the wig link, here!

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How do I uninstall anxiety

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"I'm really glad I got to fight with you guys. 
I have nothing more to regret. 
I have nothing more to regret yet... 
What should I do? I still want to play soccer. 
I want to play soccer!"

imagine how close they’re talking to each other

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I can’t believe eguchi actually voiced this fucking sun

it’s okay baby you did well you did well

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#fired up shindou saying HARMONICS #damn #one hell of a peacock #standing ovation #gotta appreciate this guy more #katrie's posts

this is really awesome when shindou became so fired up in this match 

that he even said it like he’s really determined and with all these eargasm-ing OSTS playing and he even makes the first goal during this arakumo vs raimon match