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Patron Saint of Soccer Shotas and 12 yo Hunters
You serve me raw hunters and soccer players without even tasting them? Wait hold on, stop giving me excuses yes? Go BACK TO YOUR STATION and fuck off will you?
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yeah but can we appreciate fiona entertaining a baby in USJ

1999, manga and 2011 

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the many expressions of Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo’s Definitely Not Nagito


I’ve repeatedly failed miserably at drawing kanmuru Killua so I tried to do something I was actually happy with. Plus Alluka because they’re the cutest siblings.


I like it when male characters show emotions.. I especially like it when they cry  (^v^)

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Steal his look: Amemiya Taiyou

Raimon GO Uniform (€29.99)

The Sun (you have to get it by yourself)

Vitamin D (FREE)

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"but hey don’t you guys want to drink some coke?" showers some love for this kid

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tips on how to properly enter my room:

  1. do not

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I love your art a lot! It's really nice -^u^- If you're still doing requests could you draw a cute Killua with glasses?



:3 (^-^)


I had to make a set of one of my favorite (but really messed up) moments.
As if the great Masaru Daimon has time in his twennyfourseventhreesixtyfour athletic schedule to actually care about what sound a zombie makes.

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